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  1. Betta fish "life hacks"

    Betta Fish Care
    Lets have some fun and give each other some cool advice about betta fish care! do you have any little tricks to betta fish care? I have a few! (I didn't make up all of these) 1. Bored betta? Use a dry erase marker and draw on the tank! (I got this from a really cool person on this forum I forget...
  2. Betta Toys

    Betta Fish Care
    My Dumbo male betta, Dawn, likes to jump for his food, swim in between my fingers, and follow a finger. He also swims towards soft vibrations, like me softly tapping his tank. I've been trying to think of certain toys or something he can play with, but it hasn't been working. He will try to...
  3. Betta Tricks

    Betta Chat
    Hey y'all! So, Im obviously new here and Im not sure if someone else has covered this but here we go. I absolutely love my Betta fish (his name is Dobie the Fish Prince). I have an informational presentation coming up in my oral communications class. That being said, I wanted to talk about...
  4. Betta tricks Please view

    Betta Chat
    Hey does anyone out there know how to train a betta to do some tricks? Lawrence can tap my hand, flare on command, and weave in and out of his plant on command but when ever I have guests, he is like the star attraction!!! Do you think I could teach him some more tricks? If you know any more...
  5. How to make a safe hoop??

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hi, It's been a while since i last checked in with this sight, and my new fish is doing great! But i am training him to do things, like jump for food and swim through hoops. I just wanted to know what a safe material would be to make hoops out of. if i bought one it would have to be over the...
  6. Teach your betta fish tricks?

    Betta Chat
    I'd like to teach Rubin tricks but I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something like R2 Fish School...any suggestions? Thanks in advance!:-D
  7. Royale jumps for his food!

    Betta Chat
    This is a video I did of my betta Royale, also known as Roy. I recently learned that Roy can jump for his food. Here's a video of him jumping for his food (i'm sorry that the video is set up weird i did it from my dad's ipad)...
  8. Tricks

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi there! I am relatively new here, so, what I really wanted to ask was... How do you teach your betta to do tricks? Blu (My male betta) looks lonely in his bowl, I really want to teach him tricks, he follows my finger when I'm going around OUTSIDE his bowl, but, when I move my finger on top of...
  9. Helpfull Tips and secrets

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hi guys this thread is going to be where you can post helpfull tips and your secrets to breeding betta. So go ahead and post. I am going to start when my betts lay eggs the first day i start a brand new batch of micro worms so my fry will have fresh food. So there is a tip from me......... I...
  10. teaching bettas tricks

    Betta Chat
    so i stumbled on a wonderful idea... teaching your bettas tricks! i found it yesterday, and i have already started working with both of my bettas with some success. my little girl will now jump out of the water and take a pellet off of my finger (i stuck it on by dipping my finger in the water)...