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  1. An Update!

    Betta Pictures
    So I've been inactive for some time now! I figured I'd drop by with an update on my fish. Sashimi and the still unnamed blind rehab case I took in are doing wonderfully. Opal's fins have pretty much come back entirely (except for one little patch down the middle which he keeps nibbling on...
  2. ~Im Back!/Update~

    Betta Chat
    Hey fellow Betta enthusiasts, I am finally back after having been gone for a long time. I thought i would update ya'll on my current "fishy status" Honeycomb passed away 2 weeks ago from old age, he was my first Betta, was a VT, and lived to be about 4 yrs. In his 10 gallon now, there are 5...
  3. Update

    Betta Chat
    I figured I'd do a little update since I just got Sheeran. I'll start with him. He very active and flaring at his reflection. Makes me laugh. lol Swimming normally and no more heavy breathing. But he kept rubbing against his heater and burnt himself so I turned it off and took it out. I'm going...
  4. Cycle Update

    Betta Fish Care
    So i did a thread recently about my cycling 21 gallon and was recommended to not do WC for a week. I did that and tested the water today. I got 0 ammonia! So that means one of the BB is all set up! Now for nitrites and nitrates. I tested and both water are crystal clear... Does this mean...
  5. Updated pics of Honeycomb's tank!

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    Hey everybody! Since its been a while since i have been on here, i thought i might as well share some pics of the 10! The light is kinda bad, but the water is actually very clear. I took off the back ground just for a change, and since my moss ball wa growing like a weed, it decided to split...
  6. Update on my Fin babies!!!! ~ <(^.^<)

    Betta Pictures
    HEY! So It's been FOREVER since I've posted an update on all my bettas! Unfortunately, Emiko, died today… So he won't be included in this update… ANYWAYS! Enjoy the pics! ~:) Above is Sasuke (Saucy for short)! Named after the one and only, Sasuke Uchiha (If any of you know who that is…)...
  7. plump fish? and torn tail.

    Betta Fish Care
    whenever i look at betta pictures, the betta looks plump, like they have some meat on them. and when i look at mine, it's just skinny looking. :/ guess i have to buy more food the next time i go back to petco. also, my fish's tail got a little torn this morning. idk how tho x_x so i treated him...
  8. New Years Update! :) *TONS'O PICS*

    Betta Pictures
    So for new years i decided to rescue 2 more bettas PLUS only put real plants in all their tanks sooo all my tanks look different now :D (for those who know dancer,my betta, my mom really wanted him so i gave him to her for new years :) He's still "mine" kinda (According to my mom) but he's...