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  1. Fin rot? Velvet?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi, My betta (veiltail) has a curled top fin and it almost seems ripped a bit. None of is other fins seem to be damaged at all which is why I dont think its fin rot, but then again Im not a betta expert at all. Also, how will I be able to tell if my betta has velvet, he is a pale almost see...
  2. New pastel betta.... tiny guy :)

    Betta Pictures
    Well... my sweet sweet Rapha passed away about a week and a half ago and dangit I miss him. He was the sweetest betta ... he loved his pets and always greeted me with a betta dance. RIP sweet boy. So his tank has been empty and I just couldn't bear it so I got this little ( seriously he's tiny)...
  3. Metallic Blue Marble HMPK X Orange VT

    Betta Spawn Logs
    Unofficially dubbed the "whoops" spawn... Hello y'all! How's this for a first post? Just to calm people down before I get jumped on - I bred bettas in highschool, quit during college and was intending to start back up with a few new pairs. So I know what I'm doing, despite what the title...
  4. Kings Among Splendens

    Hello everyone who decides to read my journal. Here's a bit about my "collection". I have seven betta in total. Two possibly three female. And four male. A pleco, two neon tetra, two neon danios, a flame tetra, and a long fin black tetra. The tetra, aside from the flame tetra, were my sister's...
  5. My new veiltail betta hasn't flared yet.

    Betta Fish Care
    ]Hey, I got a new red veiltail betta today. He looks and acts perfectly healthy, kinda like a puppy being brought home for the first time. But there is one thing that is bothering me. He hasn't flared at me or anything yet. When I got my crowntail 3 years ago, he was flaring a lot. At food, at...
  6. Hey! I'm new here. How is everyone?

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Hi! I just joined today (2/20/16) and I want to tell people about myself. I own 2 bettas, a green male crowntail who I got in 2013 named Peacock Ripjaw (my sister chose his second name), and a red male veiltail betta who I got in 2016 named Aaron Jewels. Peacock has started to discolor from age...
  7. petco "baby boy" June 27th to now growth

    Betta Pictures
    I bought what I thought was a "baby boy" betta. Here she? is from June 27th (when i first brought him/her home), July 2, July 24 (i enhanced the pics at the time so the colors are very exaggerated), and Aug 13th. She injured her fins recently so that is the dark spot on her fins. I'm treating...
  8. What should I breed with my fish?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I changed my mind but thanks anyways! I got excited about the idea but figured I need fish from a reputable seller. Thanks anyways
  9. Possibly tumors on my first betta...

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I'm going to get this stuff out of the way first. Housing What size is your tank? 10 gal What temperature is your tank? approximately 80F Does your tank have a filter? Yes, it has an HOB with a sponge pre-filter to reduce flow as well as a plastic bottle I cut and smoothed out so he couldn't...
  10. R.i.p pursues

    Betta Memorials
    it has been a whale since i've been here. just had some things happen. well this year i had to say good by to my very long time betta buddy Pursues . i loved him very much . and i will miss him. he's my profile avatar
  11. I started with one...

    Thought I'd post pics of my boys... the story goes: I started with one, cause my house felt lonely and since I can't have a dog/cat where I live, a betta seemed like the best option! Before I knew it... I had 2. Pretty happy with just two boys, Kennex & Dorian but then... I rescued a betta from...
  12. Lets see your yellow/gold/pineapple bettas!

    Betta Chat
    I was never really a fan of yellow bettas until I got my boy Moses. Now I love them! Here he is. Well, he used to be more yellow now he's bit orangish. I know his color is a bit uncommon in my area. I would love to see pictures of your yellow bettas! (Sorry for using the same picture over and...
  13. What type of betta is Cosmo??

    Betta Pictures
    I got Cosmo in November as a petco baby. I loved that he was a pretty double tail and I just assumed that he was a veiltail. But as his fins started growing, I noticed he has a bit of a fringe on his fins and tail more like a crowntail. Can anyone tell me what kind of betta he actually is?? This...
  14. Favorite and least favorite tail types?

    Betta Chat
    I love all bettas and these are only preferences. I used to love halfmoons until I got my little veiltail boy. Now I prefer the asymmetrical look of the veiltail. I least prefer double tails. You?
  15. What color is my betta?

    Betta Pictures
    I thought he was just a yellow/orange pineapple but then this lady at the pet store told me otherwise. What do you think?
  16. I'm going to try my best to save "Rescue Betta"

    Betta Fish Care
    I work at a Petco where the so called "aquatics specialist" has no idea how to properly care for bettas. About a week ago, she discovered a veiltail betta in a deltatail cup. Not a huge deal, but because we didn't have any extra usable veiltail cups, she pulled him from the floor until we got a...
  17. Roundtail Plakat x Veiltail hybridization

    Betta Spawn Logs
    Hey everyone! These two fish have successfully spawned so I'm going to start a spawn log. The fish went into the spawn tank on March 25th, they spawned on the 27th and the fry hatched on the 29th. The male fish is a wild type roundtail plakat. His coloration is similar the that of a wild betta...
  18. Plakat x Veiltail Spawn

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Here is a spawn that I just started Friday. The fry started to hatch this morning and now most of them are inside the nest. The male is a roundtail plakat and the female is a pure veiltail.
  19. Introduce Your Betta Fish!

    Betta Pictures
    Hello, I'm new to the betta fish community and I was interested in seeing all of the different betta fish you guys have! Post a picture and tell me about your fish! This is my cute yellow pineapple veiltail. His name is Moses. He is currently recovering from fin rot. I love his little blue...
  20. Is this fin rot?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello, I asked this question previously but I used older pictures. Some thought it was fin rot and some thought it was just his coloring. I decided to post some more recent pictures to get a diagnosis. *The first picture is what he looked like the day I got him. *The second picture is what he...