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  1. U.S. Classifieds
    Hey all! I lost Omicron at the beginning of the summer, and it took until now for me to be able to look at the tank again and decide I wanted to see another betta in it. I'm planning to do better this time by upgrading my filter media and sand media, and getting more live plants. Debating...
  2. Member Classifieds
    Hello! I currently am needing 2 females (I already have 2) so I can introduce them together in my 25 gallon heavily planted sorority tank. I will pay for shipping, and am located in Oregon. I would like to see pictures of the girls, please. Age doesn't really matter, but I would like medium...
  3. Betta Chat
    I have more of my Double dark blue fry and my Orange Flame guppys for sale. These are the parents to the fry you will recieve. Prices for my Double Dark Blue Moscows Guppies 3 Unsexed Juvies $10.00 3 Sexed Juvies $20.00 6 Unsexed Juvies $25.00 12 Unsexed Juvies $40.00 Parents to the fry...
1-3 of 3 Results