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weird betta behavior

  1. is my betta sick/dying? please help

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    my betta has been acting weird. he has been swimming around in short quick spurts, like hes twitching. ive noticed small greenish dots on his fins along with a dark stringy thing hanging off his pelvic fin. hes also been burying his head in the rocks and barely moving when i bump the cage. and...
  2. Female Betta tending the nest???

    Breeding Betta Fish here's the situation I recently purchased twp halfmoon betta for breeding purposes and currently have them housed in a divided 10 gallon tank. They can see one another but not get to one another (or so I thought). I went away for the weekend to visit family, leaving my babies in the...
  3. Suicidal betta?

    Betta Chat
    I have a pair of bettas in a tank with other fish, snails and plants, including floating lily pads that are partially submerged, and they have been living in there for several months. For the last week, the female betta has been laying on her side on the biggest lily pad when I get up in the...