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white betta

  1. Red spots on fins

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello! I have a pure white Deltatail betta, so I was a little surprised to see bright red spots start to appear on his tail and spine fin. He's been pretty normal otherwise and the rest of his fins look fine with no rough edges or pinholes. He's been eating well and his behavior hasn't changed...
  2. New fish possibly sick, Please help!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I haven't owned a betta a for a while and got a white Vailtail betta with black speckles on his face along with some fake plants, a 1.8 gallon tank, filter and heater not to mention Top Fin water conditioner and Aquedon betta food from petco yesterday. I'm afraid he might have paratises and that...
  3. New betta owner, rate my betta?

    Betta Pictures
    Although not new to keeping tropical fish I am new to bettas! I think this guy is adorable, in some light he is all white but in other light his tail is red! He is very active and swims fast constantly, i thought they were quiet fish! What do you think to Fincent (vincent aha)? Is he unusual...
  4. Is my betta fish a marble?

    Betta Fish Care
    I bought a white pearly coloured betta fish a few weeks ago and when I first got him only his pelvic fins were showing a bit of red but it was hardly noticable. He also had a little bit of black on his dorsal fin but again I didn't even notice until I brought him home. Lately he his fins have...
  5. do pale color bettas at store change colors one in a tank?

    Betta Chat
    Hello, ive been wondering.. about evry couple of months ill go to a pet store and look at bettas, and i see these white, or Pale looking bettas, they'll hve like a small spot of color, or just hits of color on them. Now ive been reading a lot, now i know when a bettas is at the store they are...
  6. HELP! Betta turned white!!!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello, I've had my male Betta for about two months. He's been pretty ok, with some minor fin rot, but aquarium salt did the trick. Two nights ago, I looked into his tank, and his head and body turned a shade of white. He is normally red... When I saw it, I immediately changed the water in his...
  7. My Female HM White Platinum

    Betta Pictures
    This is my first post and this is my female collection my name's Dom from Indonesia :)
  8. My New White Half Moon Betta

    Betta Pictures
    new to bettas ... just got this little guy ... been feeding him pellets in the morning and a couple of live black worms in the afternoon ... he seems to enjoy sleeping on and in the plant ... he looks great under the LED lights :-D