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  1. Wild Betta Forum
    Hello! I am a PhD student in NC, USA working on a project involving bettas. We're planning to investigate the differences between domesticated breeds of bettas and their wild relatives. The only issue is we're not sure where to start in order to get the wild bettas. I should stress that it is...
  2. Wild Betta Forum
    Hi Guys! I have noticed that my female albimarginata's belly is bigger than usual. Should I be worried? Following are my observations: 3 days fasting still no changes Not eating but not weak. Sorry for the poor photo quality.
  3. Wild Betta Forum
    Hi! I have been setting up a blackwater tank in a ~12 gallon aquarium (approximately 12x12x18") and I was finally able to get a female wild betta (sold to me as a "ninja betta"). I've been researching betta species and haven't had any luck identifying her to species. I think she might be in...
  4. Canada Classifieds
    Lots of new bettas available! Including, halfmoons,halfmoon plakats, veiltails, crowntails, super deltas, giant bettas, wild bettas, and more! We also carry: microworms, brine shrimp eggs, Northfin betta pellets, aquarium plants, decor, axolotl pellets, etc. Order at RenasFishStore .ca
  5. Betta Fish Care
    The time has come to breed my bettas . This is the wild betta smaragdina native to Thailand. Sometimes referred to as the Emerald betta . To me one of the most beautiful of wild bettas. These are bubble nesters. They breed much the same as splendens the biggest difference is you can add the...
  6. Betta Pictures
    So this is quite the flood of pictures but i wanted to show off my Imbellis boys! They look similar but all of these are different fish. I have soooo many. Most of them are wild caught, straight from the rivers of Thailand (and one from Malaysia). Im breeding them to sell, im sure some will make...
  7. Member Classifieds
    You Can find me on Facebook PM me for order :-D
  8. Betta Pictures
    So I got myself some new Bettas this weekend. I got quite a few but there is one that stands out. Alright... let's begin. So if anyone is curious, I live in Thailand. This was how I discovered betta fish. Living in Thailand makes it quite a bit easier for me to find wild bettas. I spotted them...
  9. Betta Chat
    I just got a new boy last week. And i am REALLY excited about this one! He's a wild betta from Brunei. He cost a small fortune too but he is worth it, i have been dreaming about this fish for ages! He's called a macrostoma, the breeder who sold him to me insisted that this was the king of wild...
  10. Member Classifieds
    Hey guys i have 1 pair of imbellis for sale still young 3 months old only very pretty very active im asking 25.00 for this pair. shipping will be via USPS Express Next day40.00(to ensure fish survival) Video is the actual male you will be getting Active and beautiful...
  11. Betta Chat
    Quote from website "Betta Antuta is a hypothetically-undescribed species appears to be a member of the Betta unimaculata complex of closely-related species within the genus" MY QUESTION: Can you breed within the unimaculata complex? Such as(but not limited to): Betta Antuta crossed with...
  12. Betta Chat
    Questions 1. Is Betta Antuta breeding possible in captivity & if so how would you go about it (since they're mouth brooders unlike splendens)? 2. What is the price for a male Antuta? 3. What is the price for a female Antuta? 4. Is $65(price) + $35(shipping) = $95 reasonable for a betta Antuta...
  13. Breeding Betta Fish
    Heres a video of my new pair of imbellis that just spawned This video shows how the look like This video shows the Spawn
  14. Show Bettas
    This is a short video of my mahachaiensis pair
1-14 of 14 Results