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  1. Help! What color is my betta?

    Betta Chat
    Hello everyone! This is my new betta! I was just curious what his coloring is called. Does he look like he will marble? His container said Halfmoon Betta but his fin is not a 180 degree spread? Does that mean he is a delta tail? Also his eyes are a little bit popped out, is that popeye...
  2. Adelburn is getting older too

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    I showed some pictures of takumi I figured I could do the same with adelburn! He is as mean as ever, but then again that's compared to takumi who I feel is a bit overly friendly. But whatever. We had an incident with his tail a while ago so it's not what it used to be :/ BUT I am getting better...
  3. Good Pic of Mr. Orange

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    This is my yellow crow tail Mr. Orange. I got him at Walmart (I never buy fish from there but he was one of 3 who were the only ones left alive that day). He may not have the best finnage but he's got a unique personality (fishonality?) and he's the only yellow betta I've ever seen in person...
  4. Is my fish healthy???

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    HI! my name is Sydney, i just bought a betta fish today from "pets unlimited". Seems to be fine. Great fins, active and not stressed. Noticed some black spots on its side but i'm pretty sure its apart of its coloring? just wanted to make sure and see if anyone could tell me if its healthy and...
  5. Yellow liquid poop + SBD :(

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    My male crown tail, Finley, has been through a lot these past 3 weeks. He had a very bad case of temperature shock, but somehow made it through He got fin rot and really lethargic He developed weird white/silvery discoloration around his chin and belly area This discoloration is freaking me out...
  6. Two Bettas, So Many Questions, Help Appreciated!! :)

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey guys! :) This is going to seem like a really long post but I would so so appreciate any advice and I promise I'll try to keep it brief(ish)! So I was recently given two Betta fish by surprise, one male and one (small) female. I've always been really interested in Bettas but unsure of how I...
  7. Lymphocystis?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi all, I have been dealing with this problem on my betta, Arty, for the past couple months. Please reference this old thread if interested. Long story short, I noticed this bilateral white patch of scales appear on my betta fish, and it has since grown quite large. It's slight protruding, and...
  8. Finally got some decent pics of my new king! :D

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  9. Helped a new betta owner in Walmart!

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    So, I was in Walmart .... yea ....I dreaded going to the aquarium section, but I wanted to see what they had aquarium wise, and saw a woman and her two children that were about to get a betta. Now in my Walmart, they constantly have bettas ... CT's and VT's so I was also checking to make sure...
  10. Mr yellows new tank + new members of my little family

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    My partner kept commenting on how Mr Yellow looked so sad and bored... Then he took me to petbarn and said "right. Pick something out for the old grump face!" Now I'm not usually a castle kind of gal, but something told me I liked this one... Got home, rearranged Mr Yellows tank with new...
  11. yellow/black/copper/white hmpk spawn [082514]

    Betta Spawn Logs
    parents spawning (9 photos) can be referenced here: fry hatched today. cannot determine the number because the male moved the nest location to the back of the tank (which will make it difficult to take pictures), but they have indeed hatched...
  12. My BEAUTIFUL new boy :)

    Betta Pictures
    Got him today, his fins are a bit damaged but I reckon with a bit of tlc he'll be good as new in no time :)
  13. Color/Genetics Question & Couple of other things

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hi all. I have a pretty yellow girl that I picked up at Petsmart a couple of months ago. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a pretty yellow betta sitting on the shelves! Usually the bettas there are blue, green, or other boring colors. I brought her home and named her Tangerine. Over the last...
  14. Greetings All The Way From Honduras.

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Why hello there, I'm Addie. I have Leopold, a VT yellow-ish betta in a 5 gallon tank. He loves to play around with the bubbles of the filter, hide in his castle and follow my finger around the walls of his tank. I hope to make a lot of friends here! Addie x.:-D
  15. Blue Dragon Mustard Gas HM

    Betta Spawn Logs
    12/20/2013 Introduced the pair today and released the female. Also, they are not siblings. Here's the male (Frostbite): Here's the female (Esmerelda): Here's my setup:
  16. Breedable Vieltail? Pic Heavy.

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I have a male yellow vieltail that I would love to maybe breed in the future, I've been doing a lot of research and was wondering what everyone thought of him. My main concern is that he's a veiltail and would have to be pretty top notch for people to even consider taking in his fry. Anyhow...
  17. I FINALLY got Honeycomb to flare for the camera!

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    It took a little sneaking up behind him for it to work...but, I DID IT! haha!:-D Enjoy! UPDATE: I will not be getting my Nerite snail, till monday, so names are welcome! Honeycomb has this weird white fuzzy dot on his fin, i though it was a hole at first, on his pectoral fin. Its a single...
  18. Honeycomb's Photoshoot :)

    Betta Pictures
    Hey everybody, thought i would do a photoshoot of Honeycomb. Also, Honeycomb has what seems like a hole or dot of some sort on his Pectoral fin. Any idea what this can be? There are no other spots on his body that i could see, and he is super active and has a healthy appetite. Last but no...
  19. New good quality pics of Honeycomb!!!!

    Betta Pictures
    Here are some pics that i took with my new camera! Some pics were taken with aquarium light on, some without the light. Honeycomb was originally pure yellow with cellophane tipped fins when i got him, no other color was present on him. You can now see that after being with me for 1 and a half...
  20. Honeycomb is changing colors ?

    Betta Pictures
    Hey everybody, i am not too concerned, but just want to make sure everything is fine. Ok, so here goes. Honeycomb was originally all yellow with his tips of his fins cellophane when i bought him almost 2 years ago. Now after recovering from numerous split fins, his tips turned more...