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  1. New young Koi girl from Petco and hello

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    Hi everyone It's been awhile since I've kept any fish or had tanks running. I lost my last beautiful healthy male over a year ago from unknown causes and I was quite upset about it. Broke that last running tank down and gave all my Pink Ramhorns to my sisterinlaw for her tanks. I've started...
  2. Where to get nice young bettas canada?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    My initial thought was to get my betta from the pet store to “save” if from life in a cup. As much as it pains me to see them suffering and depressed on a shelf in those stores, I cannot give in or support these companies by buying from them. Reading off other forums, it seems best to get one...
  3. Marble Vt/Hm young bettas

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    If anybody would like to buy bettas let me know im in need of cash at the moment i was planning on keeping few but i cant afford to keep them as well as the tanks i got 27 juvies the males ill sell $10 females $5 they ae 4months old colors change me
  4. How young is my new betta?

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    Hello betta lovers :-) So today I purchased a female betta fish who just caught my eye and I realized, the stores female betta's were all very small! I saw a very big male but the females looked all so young! So I was wondering, is she a young little thing or just bred small? And she looks so...
  5. Betta Flashing?

    Betta Fish Care
    I have a new betta, since my first one just recently died, and he's been exhibiting some behavior I can't really make sense of. He darts back and forth a lot and for a while had been doing it close to the gravel. When he does it though he doesn't actually touch the gravel and it's always in the...
  6. New young betta just acts really strange and I'm worried

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    So I very recently bought three little guys from the same exact pet store. All of them are under the same sort of conditions, these 3 I bought plus the one I had. My first betta, along with two of the new ones, act completely normal and content with life, but my third new one is very odd. It...
  7. Changing colour

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi, I'am chiara and I got myself a betta splendens halfmoon a while (april 29th) ago. He must be quite young because his tail grew since than. He looks healthy, has quite the appetite but his face is getting darker.. His eyes were blue when i got him... Now they are red... His gills are kind of...
  8. Concerned about my new little crown tail betta

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hey guys, Rainbow here. I got a new little betta, His name is Norman. He is a beautiful little crown tail. I will have had him for a week as of saterday. However...I am a little worried. First he seams to be flareing/ getting angry an awfull lot, esspecaily at night, he is usually pretty...
  9. might be owning these 3

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    I found this person advertizing these 4 month old bettas hs to move them his grandma is moving in the room so he cn care for her,so offered him a price for all.These are the pictures he took of them Here is 2 of the girls.
  10. young/juvenile betta fish.

    Betta Fish Care
    today, i got a young betta.. to where i'm not too sure on the gender just yet. anyways, since my betta is young, how much is the ideal feeding for each day? since i got him a few hours ago, i fed him once and he was happy as he can be. since he's so young, i have him in a small little tank til...
  11. My new betta!

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    Earlier this week, I bought my first betta since I was a chid. He's GORGEOUS. I wasn't sure about taking home a fish until I saw him! He's perfect. He's small (1.5 inches) and dark green. I'm wondering if he'll grow or not.
  12. Feeding 3 month old betta's

    Betta Fish Care
    So my yellow half moon pair were sent across the country and arrived maybe 5 days ago. I didnt feed them for the first 24 hrs then gave them 2 pellets (crushed because they had trouble eating them whole) each day until yesterday I gave them three each. Three doesnt seem like quite enough yet...