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Available for $20 each which includes free Economy shipping. I will also send you the Priority and First Class rates minus cost of Economy. Discounts if purchasing more than one. PayPal only. Gift or Merchandise; either works.

Price is the same for either size as they cost me the same. New and unused.

Dividers are .25" thick acrylic with .25" holes. They are opaque which keeps Bettas from seeing each other. They are great for community tanks as the .25" holes allow most Nano fish to travel the entire length of the aquarium while keeping a Betta in its own section.

Made for Marineland dimensions, they have a very tight fit and are self-standing; no need for suction cups or glue. If you do want to anchor, you can place holders on the bottom of the tank.

Aqueon (PetCo) tanks are more narrow and taller than Marineland so modification is necessary. You can rasp the side and glue or sew craft mesh to the top edge to make them flush with the underside of the black rim. That's what I did. I do not know if they will fit a Tetra tank but I will check.

You can use Krylon Fusion spray paint to change to a color. As it is the only paint I've used I cannot say about other brands. Do not use any other Krylon formula.

First photo is how these look (minus the dirt) and how they appear in the tank. I use clear but only had my four made.


Please send a PM with your ZIP code if you are interested. Thank you.
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