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I hope by either Thrusday or Friday to have a sorority ready or at least set up. I also have dividers ready if it doesn't work out. My question is if 5 females can be kept in a 10 gal. I've heard its better to be kept in odd numbers and most likely three won't be enough. They'll be the only fish in the tank, though I may get ghost shrimp to live in there as well. I also know that fighting will be normal for the first week so the females can establish who's Miss Alpha. I also have plenty of Aquasalt and fresh water on hand for any really bad scrimishes. I also will keep a hawk eye on them for the first week as well as being right there the whole time the first day. Any other tips? Also do I need 5 seperate shelters for each female in the tank or does this basic set up look good so far? I'll be getting more plants tomorrow.
The set up:

10 gal fully cycled at 80F with 1-terra cotta pot, 3-2inch corner pvc pipes, 1 fake wooden structure, I anabuia nana,1 lily bulb and Archaris. I hope to pick up more archaris and perhaps a few more plants tomorrow. Any other suggestions welcome of course.

The Females:
Dezzy- The night before easter walmart female

Sing (smaller one): The petsmart female
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