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10 gallon, do i have more room?

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So I want advice for my 10 gallon tank. Do I have space in it for more fish? This is what I have right now: 1 male betta, 3 corry, 3 neon tera, 2 glass catfish, 1 snail. I have a 20 quietflow filter and an airstone in it with a modest amount of live plants in it and a lot of decorations for them to "hide" if they want to. I have black and white sand as its substrate with temp holding steady at 76 degrees F. There's no aggression between the fish (the neon tetra enjoy swimming around the glass catfish).
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That sounds pretty full to me. The cory and the glass cats will take up a lot of the bioload...also you should be keeping your neons in groups of 5 or more ideally. If anything, I'd get 2 more neons but I'd also suggest upgrading your tank size if you want more fish at all (even neons).

Remember, for every 1 inch of fish you should have 1 gallon of tank. Cory cats can get up to 3 inches each depending on the type! I don't know much about glass cats tho sorry.

Best of luck!
I think your tank might be overstocked. It's definitely full, anyway. I have a 10 gallon and I have a betta, two oto catfish and a snail, and I feel like that's just about enough for me. That gives everyone enough space that they can hide if they are feeling too crowded. I'd consider upgrading your tank before adding more fish.
To note, in my 10gal I have 3 MM platy, 4 peppered cory cats, and 1 female betta and that is FULL. Like, heavily full.
Using your specs, these are snips from You didn't say which Cory so I put in False Julii.

<< Warning: At least 5 x Glass Catfish are recommended in a group.
Warning: At least 4 x False Julii Cory are recommended in a group.
Warning: At least 5 x Neon Tetra are recommended in a group.

Recommended temperature range: 75.2 - 80.6 F. [Display in Celsius]
Recommended pH range: 7 - 7.5.
Recommended hardness range: 10 - 15 dH.

You have plenty of aquarium filtration capacity.

Your aquarium filtration capacity for above selected species is 161%.
Recommended water change schedule: 34% per week.
Your aquarium stocking level is 109% >>
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Add two more neons and that will be it. It might be best to try to rehome the glass cats and then you could add another cory or two as well. You'd be well stocked at thtat point.
I didn't put in all the warnings, but one was that the Glass Cats will outgrow the tank and should not be housed in a 10. So rehoming is a good suggestion.
I concur with everyone else. You may even have 1 or 2 too many. I wouldnt add anything else to that.
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