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I know this is such a long shot but I'm just going to throw it out there...
I want to sell my 10 gallon Topfin Tropical Fish Starter Kit aquarium. I will include the tank of course, the hood with feeding hole and LED lights, the original filter (unused), one Medium purple NatGeo silk plant, and a large Topfin cave. I also have the box it came in and (probably) the manuals. Yes, the aquarium was originally a tropical kit, however, one day while I was scraping the gas bubbles off the side of the tank before adding my fish, I tapped the heater a little too hard and there was a big white flash and it stopped working. I'm just happy I wasn't electrocuted. Metal spoon+me holding it in some water+big electrical flash= utter terror. I am willing to sell it plus the plant and cave for $50. Without the cave and plant, I will sell it for $37.

Here's the catch.

I'm not shipping a 10 gallon aquarium anywhere. I can't even imagine how much that would cost (unless someone is willing to pay for shipping). I am located in Clemson SC. I am willing to drive to meet someone halfway in places that are about a half hour away. This included Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, and I'll even make an exception for Columbia (Go Tigers!).

If you thought you were out of luck, you may not be yet! I will be in the Charleston SC area from the 14th-22nd of March and again the same travel thing applies. I'm willing to drive about a half hour away if we meet in the middle, so places like Summerville, Walterboro, John's Island, that sort of thing.
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