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I'm thinking about selling my 5g and 10g tanks and I was wondering if anyone living in FL was interested.

My 10g tank is one of those starter tanks from Petsmart that has the bulbs instead of LED. I put two 4000K CFLs in the hood and grew dwarf lily, salvinia minima, and wisteria. I have Tahitian black moon sand and some decor, along with a few assassin snails

My 5g tank is an LED starter kit from Petsmart and has tan gravel. Other than that, it's empty.

I'm also selling a filter, more of the tan gravel, a freshwater master test kit, fertilizer, prime, some old Stability, a turkey baster used for aquariums, frozen bloodworms and daphnia.

Some of these items (tanks, gravel, frozen food) has to be local to Florida (cash only). Others may be shipped in the US (PayPal only).

As I see more interest, I can post pictures of the items along with their estimated price. Message me for more details!
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