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The bioload a NPT can take is much much more than a regular cycled non-planted tank. We nee to know how heavily your tank is planted...
(a photo will help)
and with what plants

also I wont recommend 7 bottom dwellers of two different species, especially in a planted tank where floor space is limited.

if you want to stock a little heavier find three species one occupying the bottom, one the middle and maybe the betta wi take the top... otos are fine also as they occupy walls....

another important thing is to not throw all these things in at once instead do one group at a time, so the plants can absorb the ammonia in a timely fashion..

usually the question about stocking NPT is not bioload but rather, what is still considered ethically ok? maybethe tank can take the bioload of 60 fish, but it's unlikely that any one of those fish will be confortable and have enough space to swim in without entering another fish's territory or movement space.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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