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I would recommend having a QT tank cycled and ready to go if you can. It's possible that placing a fish in an uncycled tank can stress them out. They may appear fine you move them back and the move is the final straw and they break out with ich in your carefully preserved tank.

I had a lone male guppy for quite a while. I was temporarily housing some and when the rest moved he was just too small for me to comfortably move him again. How in the world he didn't get eaten I dont know but somehow he made it. He displayed playful antics and would even "school" with my harlequin rasbora sometimes. I think one would be fine by itself, or maybe you could go 3 males. That being said, panda cories like soft acidic water, guppies like hard alkaline water. What is your water like?

I wouldn't go with dwarf gourami.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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