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The reason she is burrowing is because her water is too cold (which surprises me, with a 15 watt heater...that should heat your tank very easily). Bettas like it between 78 and 82F. Anything under 76 is pretty much too cold. Also, that fluctuation on 5 degrees worries me a bit. That is quite a jump and fluctuation is bad for fish - it can be worse than a temperature that is too cold. I'd invest in a new heater, or a bigger tank (more water = more stable temperature) or both.

As for the bubbles, males don't do it because they are happy or healthy - it just shows readiness to breed in case an attractive little female happens to swim past. It's a "hey girls, check it out" thing. Breeding them in captivity is a little more complex, though. Anyway, girls do it too, just not so much as the boys. Some girls make amazing bubblenests (my girl Athena did), some blow scattered bubbles, but most won't do it at all. :)
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