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Hey everyone, im new here but before i came to this site to research the fish, i had a betta for about 2 weeks in a small 1 gallon square tank with no heater, no filter, or anything; only a light. He was full of life and ate, alot. Then i came to this site and saw that i should get a bigger tank with a heater and some other stuff for him, so i bought a 5.5 gallon tank with a heater, low power filter, little soft cave, silky soft plants, with black gravel on the bottom and my fish just hovered on the bottom and never ate until he was found dead 2 days later. So i thought maybe it was just the shock of change so i went to get another fish and he seemed full of life for the first night, but i just woke up and saw him dead in the plants. This last fish did seem to have some problems i found late last night such as possible grey spots on rear body and trouble swimming. So it seems my tank is perfect for this fish but since ive upgrades ive lost 2 beautiful bettas, i dont want to get anymore without help. Please and Thank You.
it could be your fish were very stressed out and that is why.
both of my fish got very stressed when i put them in larger tanks.
i had a white dragonscale in a 1gal tank until i could afford a 5 gal, and when i got the 5 gal he hid for about 2 weeks. some mornings he refused to eat. now he has came out of his shell and he's happy now.

my red one that you see in my avatar went from a 4gal biorb to a 10gal and he acted upset for quite some time. now he's doing better and blowing a bubble nest, which he has not done in several months.

fish are emotional
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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