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2 new gals! (terrible pictures XD)

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The first one is Annie, some scales are missing, and she was put in with barbs and skirted tetras. Poor thing was being pestered :roll: Plus they had ich and she didn't... She's got maroon fins, and a dark body - when she shows true colors that'll be updated :lol: hard to get pictures of them!!! The light just isn't all that good today lol.

The other one has similar coloring to my fighter. She's gotten some damage to her caudal, but that's it. And her and Annie are both thick bodied!
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WOW!!!the "jade" green on the second one is gorgeous!!!
Oh I know :3 I dibs'd her xD she is so similar to him:

The blue is a little different as you see the green on her :lol:
Wow! they are so beautiful!
thanks :) And better news my spawn, there are babies <3
Wow, they are both very pretty! Where did you get them?
I just realised she is almost identical to my jade!!!
When she colours up I would expect her to look more like this?
And babies?AWESOME, congrats!!!
Yes she should :3 she has a little more wild coloring on her fins though. The maroon one, I have no idea! Well right now they are in quarantine :) I hope that one girl didn't get ich..

I was out to get something from the post office that they left a notice for, and I snuck by the store and found these two. They are new, like, today new to the store! There were 6...I could only find 5... And I grabbed 2 lol
Oh, wow. Thy are both amazing pet store finds. Typically you don't see wild color bettas like that I your typical Pet store, lol
Oh I know right?! lol I had to have her xD I've never seen a maroon one either so I took her just to see what colors she would have :) that and to save her from being shredded bu the incompatible fish x.x
Okay for some reason that stupid LaLa Loopsie commercial is stuck in my head (that and my niece has one :roll:) So the maroon gal is now LaLa Loopsie xD

anways.... She is very curious, very friendly, loves her food. She likes saying "Hai!!" too :lol: I like her. She's got personality =D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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