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3 gallons?

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Hello, everyone!

Last week, I came home with a young betta (about 1.5 inches long from the tip of his nose to the edge of his tail) and have sen far been keeping him in a TEMPORARY 1 gallon jar, with routine water changes and well conditioned water.

I'm about to upgrade to something bigger. The tank that I want is 3 gallons, but I've been reading that this is too small. My best friend, who has a well-cared for an exceptionally healthy betta, disagrees, and says this will be fine.

I will heat and filter the tank, and provide routine water changes and a few live plants. I would upgrade to five gallons, but I'm just not all that strong and I'm in college, so I'm going to have to empty out the tank and take it home at least once a year. Not to mention that I want to be able to easily move it.

I understand that 5 gallons might be better, but would he be happy and healthy in a 3 gallon tank? I was looking at 2.5 before this, but now I've ALMOST settled on 3.

I've been really doing my research (I admit, I should have done it before, but I wouldn't COMPLETELY planning on picking up my betta until I saw him. He was too beautiful and strong to resist!) and don't want to do anything wrong.

Thanks! I would really appreciate advice.
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A 3 Gallon would be just fine. :) Also, it is impossible to cycle something under 5 gallons, so there is no need to cycle. Remember to get a heater! A filter is optional in a tank of that size; going without one just means more water changes! :D
I keep 2 of mine in their own 3 gal kritter keepers, and 1 in a 5.5gal, and there's no difference in their happiness. As long as the water is warm, has enough waterchanges and a cave with a plant or two..I'd say go ahead! :)
Alright. : ) I think that I'll go ahead and make my purchases, then. Thank you both!
AHHH I just ordered the tank and a heater! This is so exciting <3 I hope that my guy will be fine without a heater. I have a thermometer in the tank and the water is about 71, and he's very active. I think he'll be fine for a week or so.
Make sure you do pick up a heater ASAP. 71 is VERY cold for a betta and will have an effect on his immune system. For now, I would suggest wrapping the tank in towels or blankets to try and get it a bit warmer. :)
Good luck on the new aquarium. As said above, 3 gallons is plenty of space for a betta. I have seen a lot of members using 2.5 and I have two 3.5 gallons. Your little guy should be pretty happy after getting settled into his new home.
I have a two 2.5s in my dorm room and that area is a good size for my bettas. they have their live and silk plants with caves or logs and are just spoiled so your on a great path so far.
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