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2 bettas (Lucy & Neptune), 2 miniature poodle mix (Lexie & Riley)
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Hi, as @NoodleTheMysteryBetta mentioned, the 10 gallon is a bit too small for the stocking you are thinking of. I would also recommend getting at least 5 corys of the species you choose, sometimes they do school together even if they are different types of corys. If you want to include more types of cory you could also go for smaller cory and you might be able to add a bigger school. Sand would definitely be your way to go since gravel can be a little too rough for the cory's barbs. They also dig through the sand so they keep it mostly clean and whatever waste gets disturbed can be picked up by the filter, at least this has been my experience with corys.

I've also kept betta with shrimp and they seem to do well. So far I've had no issues especially with Ghost Shrimp since they don't have the bright colors. I also currently have a male betta with cherry shrimp, one baby male guppy, and another baby fish that I do not know the name for. The two baby fish hitched a ride with the cherries when I bought them and I didn't notice until I was acclimating them to the tank. The betta only seems to dislike the male guppy since he has bright colors, but there are plenty of hiding places for it since the tank is heavily planted. Ghost shrimp are the cheapest to buy, however they are considered feeder shrimp so they don't always survive initial introduction due to the high stress they have been put through already. I've had a pretty good success rate with them though, very interesting animals, I would also suggest drip acclimation for all shrimp, this ensures a higher survival rate. Shrimp also tend to be more delicate to any water changes so I wouldn't suggest a fish-in cycle, I would suggest fully cycling the tank before introducing the shrimp.

As for plants I would suggest java ferns, anubias, and amazon swords since they have bigger leaves the betta can use them to rest on, stem plants would also be really good for waste filtration, I've had really good success with rotala rotundifolia, elodea/anacharis, pogostemon stellatus octopus, water sprite, vallisneria, cryptocoryne wendtii and cryptocoryne lutea, and aquarium lilies (usually sold as bulbs). All of my tanks are low tech, so I don't use any oxygen and I've had great success with all of these, I have to trim the stem plants almost every other week. I do use fertilizers on my 40 gallon tank but the other two 5 gallons get no fertilizer and the plants seem to be doing great.

Sorry for the long paragraphs, hope this helps though. I would also love to see your fish tank once it's set up.
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