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That's actually a shorter amount of time than I flare my fish. I actually don't hold up a mirror to them, but my Remedio can see his reflection in his tank walls when I turn on a lamp near his tank. I flare him to give him excercise. The way I see it, there's no way Betta fish in the wild go their whole lives without seeing another fish, or feeling threatened in some way. Also, whenever fish in the wild get stressed, they normally go and hide. Remedio has figured out that his reflection is in only one area, so when he gets tired of looking at it, he'll just go to the other side of the tank and chill for awhile before going back to intimidate the "other fish". He doesn't seem overly stressed by it; he doesn't attack the glass or anything, he actually just floats in front of his reflection, "shake" dances and fluffs up his fins. I like to think he's figured out it's his reflection, and he just likes looking at himself.:bluelaugh:

I had never heard of using flaring to promote fin growth, but when I got Remedio he had lost over 50%of his caudal and a bit of his anal fin to fin rot; and now that you mention it, i'm not opposed to attributing some of his fin growth to flaring him.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to let you know you're not the only one who flares their fish.

Its a very short time (just untill i get a single flair so only about 30 seconds), and not even twice a week. The Point is to cause a little stress, and to make them behave in a territorial way.
some people on here use it as stimulation for fin growth and will do it quite often.
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