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A Small Victory For Betta Fish!

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"At the same time 28-year-old Mark Freed, of Salem Place in Northfleet, Kent pleaded guilty to the same charge as well as an additional charge of not taking reasonable steps to ensure the wellbeing of Siamese fighting fish that were found in his flat in small plastic bags."
"Bodour, who is currently living and working in Holland was sentenced to a three-year conditional discharge and banned from owning aquatic animals for 10 years. He was also ordered to pay £3,130 in costs.
Freed will be sentenced on Tuesday, April 24 with Chairman of the bench Michael O'Brien telling him he would not rule out a custodial sentence."

Oh UK, you are ever so just in your dealings with animal cruelty. Banned from owning aquatic animals. THAT IS A GOOD SENTENCE. For something people in the West do ALL THE TIME. I hope the other guy mistreating betta gets a good sentence too.
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I'm in love with this website. Found it when researching freshwater crabs. It has so many interesting articles! :D
That is a great website. PFK is a leader in the fishkeeping world. I just wish I could get the magazine on this side of the pond. They also have a lot of great stuff on goldfish. These people know what they are doing with fish of all kinds. This was the first place where I found out about the vile "clock aquarium." They sometimes do a "worst fishkeeper" video of the week. I've seen some bad betta homes on that, too.
They have so many articles on freshwater crabs <3 I think I'll have to put off on goldies for a while and get some sort of crab ;)
I was actually reading about goldfish on here just now though! They have really nice ones :O
I would totally get this magazine if I could, on that topic, what's a good North American Aquarium Magazine? Hopefully one you can find in petsmart:p
I have found two: Aquarium Fish International and Tropical Fish Hobbyist. But I don't know how accurate and reliable they are. I checked out their websites and I don't like them as much as PFK.
Hmm.. I'll have to look into them.
My heart breaks after reading that a single shrimp can cost 9,000 euros. o-o
Holy smokes! That shrimp better come with a world class chef ready to cook it into the world's best shrimp dish.
O_O woah! that's just.... amazing! banned from owning aquatic animals for keeping bettas in bags!
Its about time. If you can go to jail for being bad to your dog it should be the same with your fish.
The UK seems really good to fish in general, probably most of Europe is. I know stores don't keep betta in cups there, and I don't think they have tiny designer betta tanks either. I remember someone from the UK on here couldn't get over it when they saw a photo of a betta in a pet store cup.
I am pleased that my country is so good with animal cruelty cases. I read about these guys in my paper the other day and it was a great victory. I love PFK and read some brilliant articles about fish behaviour and such lately. It has opened my eyes greatly. I cant believe the US sell fish in cups! Here they are in their own 1 gallon tanks and are treated pretty well. The fish specialist stores are great and have excellent staff. We are widely known as a nation of animal lovers :)
That person deserved it all for doing that to a poor betta ):
I wish I'd got into fish before I left the UK. Australia seems to be better than America (some shops, anyway - I call hatred down on most Pets Paradise stores for their treatment of their fish and other animals!) but I think the UK trumps here.
The UK certainly has a better rat market. ftw.
I think it's because of how strong the fish hobby is in the UK.
Plus, America is still dealing with constant cases of dog fighting, don't think anyone has time to care about fish Dx
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