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A Split Tail, What do I do?

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Hi everyone. I'm worried as heck right now. Last night when I was feeding the fish, Chip was at the top, stuck on the filter, not moving. I gently poked him and he flipped, he was alive luckily. But his tail has a HUGE split in it. I moved him to another tank this morning, his smaller 3 gallon tank.

Can I save him? Everything I've tried hasn't worked- betta syrup, aquarium salt, nothing is working. Is the best solution to put him to sleep? He likes to go to the bottom and just lie there, motionless. This is his tail and fins, please help!


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If you can get a better picture, that would help, I cant tell anything from that picture.

Also if you can fill in the below info sheet it will help members to give you more accurate information.

What size is your tank?
What temperature is your tank?
Does your tank have a filter?
Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration?
Is your tank heated?
What tank mates does your betta fish live with?

What type of food do you feed your betta fish?
How often do you feed your betta fish?

How often do you perform a water change?
What percentage of the water do you change when you perform a water change?
What type of additives do you add to the water when you perform a water change?

Water Parameters:
Have you tested your water? If so, what are the following parameters?


Symptoms and Treatment
How has your betta fish's appearance changed?
How has your betta fish's behavior changed?
When did you start noticing the symptoms?
Have you started treating your fish? If so, how?
Does your fish have any history of being ill?
How old is your fish (approximately)?
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I've also read somewhere that for splits it takes good clean warm water and time, unless it gets infected. Please don't quote me on this though
My tank I kept him in before he got injured was a 5.5 gallon. My tank is like bathtub water, but it isn't too warm. My betta's tank had a filter, and he lived with 5 neon tetras. The tetras never ever bugged him though, and that's the truth. Honest.

I perform water changes every week, try to keep it as clean as possible. I feed him Betta Biogold pellets, he loves em. I feed my betta before breakfast and after dinner. My fish's appearance is the only thing that changed- his fins are absolutely torn.
I am concerned when you say your tank is like a bathtub. If your tank water actually feels warm to the touch then it is too warm, the correct temperature will still feel cold to our touch.

Did he have torn fins before the filter incident?
A slight bit, but it healed up over the months. I just did a water change so the water should now be room temperature.
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