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KadenJames and I are pleased to announce that the American Betta Fish Association is in the making :) You can find the facebook link in my sig.

Currently we only have one sanctioned club which is Betta Splendens of Colorado.

The organization promotes rescue, rehab, and adoption of bettas as well as better breeding and information on bettas. We will even be holding shows around the country once we get established.

We are just getting started and soon we will be drawing up our show standards (similar to IBC and bettas4all).

Note: We are not trying to compete with the IBC. It is still THE betta organization. We simply want a more relaxed organization to promote betta awareness and get new breeders into showing and producing better fish.

If you have an aquarium club that wishes to be sanctioned (discuss this with your club first) PM me or KadenJames. If you wish to start a club in your area please do and then PM us about sanctioning.

More info to be added later.
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Very excited for this to get going! It's going to be great!
It is going to be great lol!
Saw it on Moon Shadow Bettas, and "liked" it. Good luck! I hope it takes off for yas!
Thank you!
Gah, we need one in Canada. :( Our town doesn't even have an aquatics club at all.
Good luck!
Betta Fish of New York is now sanctioned :) Contact the page for more info :D
Liked and looking forward to seeing where it goes.

This sounds exciting! I will have to check it out after work~!:cool:
So good to see more FB groups for betta fish!! Keep up the great work, everyone!! :thumbsup::welldone: Will you make another website or just keep it on FB?

I just had a thought (lol sneaky little buggers). In the entrance to many Petco and Petsmart stores there are boards where you can add flyers about all kinds of animal-related stuff. Maybe you could make a flyer to put there? I'd be more than willing to put up a flyer in my Petsmart and Petco.
That's an excellent idea.

KadenJames and I are planning multiple events across CO regarding betta awareness :O
Excellent! I would be happy to have a club in this area. Great idea koimaiden...I would put up flyers in our Petco and petsmart.
We will be working on documents for the Facebook page for people to print out. We're working with the Betta Fish Awareness Day page.
I know this is a really old thread, but I wanted to announce that for the time being I will be in charge of this Association. It has been on a major (1 year +) hiatus and I will be working on getting it back up and running.

For the time being we will be focusing on helping young or new breeders, promoting the rescue, rehab and adoption of bettas, and promoting betta fish awareness.

If you have any thoughts or ideas for us, or if you are interested in helping out please comment or PM me! Thank you!!
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