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About ready for proper introductions :)

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As some of you know, a couple weeks ago I rescued a beautiful little turquoise-navy betta who had a rapidly-progressing case of fin rot. A couple days prior to taking him home, I'd lost my last betta, a beautiful cream-coloured boy named Dove, and I sort of knew that if I lost this one too I'd be devastated, but I couldn't not help him, even if I wasn't sure how good of a chance he had at surviving.

As I'm sure many of you can relate to, I (panickedly) rushed to the forums to ask for help, and to get some advice on how I could help him, especially when the rot started getting horrifyingly bad. The advice I received is basically the only reason he's still kicking today!

The first attached picture is of Isaac a few days after I brought him home, and the other three are of Isaac today, looking about a million times better and acting much, much perkier. <3 His fins aren't 100% healed up yet, so he's still being treated with salt, but they no longer look like they're about to fall off his body. He's a little darling and I'm so glad he's still with me.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who helped me out last week. Isaac and I are both very much in your gratitude. :)
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Welcome, and a sad story ends up being a happy one.. you are doing great with him!
Glad you were able to get the help you needed here, we have some awesome members :)
Wow, what a difference! His fins look so much better! Great job in healing him up! Even his color seems a bit better.
Awww that's so great! Good for you...and him! :-D It's fun to see how much they change when they're being taken care of properly!
Aw, what a beautiful story c': His colors are lovely, especially that icey blue part on his fins <3
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