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Adding plants - What changes?

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I got some aponogeton bulbs from walmart to add to my betta tank. Does adding plants change anything for betta care and maintance?
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That depends. What kind of lighting do you have on the tank? What size tank do you have? Adding plants won't change anything you do with the fish, but you might have to change your tank maintenance a bit.

Also, this is not a species I'm familiar with. What do you know about it?
Honestly, I don't know a thing about them. I've gotten bulbs from walmart before, and they lived a long time. The only lighting I have is the two 15w tank bulbs, and it's a 10 gal tank. I'm thinking of just planting one to see how it goes.
Adding plants to a tank is a great idea, however I don't think you went about it the right way. I've heard conflicting stories about those "plant bulb in tank" things. Some say they work well; others say it's a waste of money and all they do is foul the water. I would try anubias, java fern, or anarcharis first. They are all low-maintence and great for a betta tank. All of those can be found at Petsmart or other pet stores although I've never seen walmart carry them.

Another question about the bulbs, do you know the kelvin rating for them? Were they the stock bulbs that came with the tank?

I've been reading on them, and a lot of the info says that they are really undemanding to grow, and that they are hard to die off.

Can't find anything on the Kelvin rating though. :( They did not come with the tank.
Hmmm. Kelvin rating is one of the most important things. Plants do best in lighting between 5000k and 7000k. But some plants like anubias and java fern can live with almost anything (except complete darkness :lol: ).

I googled the plant name, too. They seem like a gamble, but if they sprout it will be fine. I found someone who had luck growing them if he let them float until they sprouted and then buried the roots but not the bulb. If you've already got them, might as well give them a try as I doubt you could return them. Live plants are great for a system, so it seems worth a shot.
They probaly wont grow i've whent.through two packs all of the bulbs whent soft and started giving off a fowl smell so i removed them. You can send them back if them into the company and they will ship you some back that should (acording to posts ive read) grow
hope this helped
Well, I will definitely give them a shot. I think I read a similar thing about letting them float, but I have found more reports on them not sprouting. We shall see lol. Thanks for the help! :D
Does the filter system really effect the plant bulbs?
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