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Advice for nipped fins?

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Hi, I have a betta (halfmoon possibly, not sure :-?) that has nipped fins. He has been in a divided 15 gallon for about 2 months now, he had nipped fins when I bought him from my LFS, but he stopped nipping when I put them in my tank. It seems like he has started again though :-(

He is the more "mellow" out of the two males in the divided tank, the other fish is a Elephant Ear Plakat. I have the tank divided into 3 sections, the middle being empty so there is a "barrier" of sorts between them, with both of the dividers being made of 2 sheets of plastic canvas, so I don't think they can see each other well.

I do have an extra 8 gallon tank if you think he should be in his own tank, but it's a hexagon shape...would this be okay for a betta?

Any advice? Thanks :)
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I also forgot to mention that the right section of the tank is closer to the window, so it's lighter. I had him in the left section in the beginning and the plakat in the right, but I decided that I would switch them once in a while (every month.) Could the light possibly be stressing him out?
If you wish to separate them then you are certainly welcome to try. Tanks are the best shape for a betta if they can be 1- heated evenly at all times 2- have no rims or lids that may restrict them reaching air (remember that if you have them in a bowl it is obvious to YOU that there is air over there, your fish however cant tell and may suffocate) and 3- avoid tall containers, swimming up for miles every few minutes is tiring.

Fingers crossed you find the culprit, possibly putting in a second divider may limit their sight of each other and chill him out, which ever way you choose
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