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African Dwarf Frog in Small Tank?

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I went to a local pet store recently to get some stuff for my Betta (who's been a bit depressed lately) and the owner suggested I might get him an African Dwarf Frog companion. I was wondering if it would work out to have my Betta and a frog (do you need to get multiple or is just one okay?) in a 2.5 gallon tank? Is that too small to house both of them?

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Sorry I posted in the wrong section!
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If the tank is filtered, if the tank is cycled, if you have a cave and plants so the frog can hide, if you can feed frozen bloodworms (not freeze-dried), if you can do 30% water changes twice a week and if you have a backup plan, then, yes, you could have an ADF. :)

Make sure the lid is a tight one as ADF can escape and die rather quickly. I wouldn't put two ADFs and a Betta in a 2.5. Can you get at least a five gallon and keep the 2.5 as a backup if it doesn't work out? Then you could have two or three and they do like to be in numbers as they're very social critters.
Thanks for the advice! I can't get a 5 gallon tank right now as I've spent well over $100 this week on this fish trying to make him happier and buying him random stuff he doesn't need haha.
So I'll probably wait a month or so to get him a bigger tank then if that works out I might add the companions.
Thanks again for your help!
You are quite welcome. I always tell people to get the biggest tank they can afford. There are some really nice 10 gallon setups for under $50 if one has space. And the nice thing is a 10 can be divided so one can have a second or third Betta. ;-)

And I forgot the most important part:

Welcome to the forum!!!
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