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African Dwarf Frog

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I am currently cycling a new, 5.5 gallon aquarium for my betta and my mystery snail. I had my water tested today and everything is looking perfect, so they will be moving into their new home within the next few days!! My question is, would adding an african dwarf frog be a good idea? I have read that they make good tank mates for bettas, depending on the personality and aggression of the betta. I would describe my betta as very inquisitive and active, but not overly aggressive. My tank is well-planted with 90% live plants. I have built a few little caves out of rocks, so there are plenty of little nooks and crannies for hiding.

I have read that one of the biggests risks is that the betta will eat the frog's food before the frog can get to it, eventually starving the frog. So, if I am cautious about that and feed the frog either by hand or by a pipette, would this be a good (safe) addition?

Also, would it be best to introduce them to the tank at the same time to prevent aggression?
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Honestly, I would not, in a five gallon. Speaking from my own limited experience, African dwarf frogs are a little bit delicate, and will grow too big to peacefully share a tank with a betta fish.
Maybe someone with more experience will contradict this? But I feel like the betta will stuff himself with the frog's food, and maybe harass the frog as well in such a small space. My ADF at least is probably the only thing in my tanks that swim even more slowly than my betta, and if they shared a tank he would definitely be bullied.
You should be fine if you get African DWARF Frogs as they stay small. You could even put two in the tank with your Betta.

ADFs will never grow too big to peacefully share a tank with a Betta. An African CLAWED Frog, however, can. That's why I say make sure you get the ADF and not the ACF.

I feed Clayton and Esmeralda frozen bloodworms using a pair of planting tongs. I thaw the bloodworms with tank water in a pill bottle. I feed the Betta on the opposite side of the tank and while he's eating I feed the ADF. I put the bottle in the refrigerator if there's any leftover and feed the next day.

Because your tank is so heavily planted (a good thing), pick a spot surrounded by plants (corners work well) and always feed the frogs there. They learn rather quickly where the food will be.

Have fun!
Do you know if ADF can be kept with river rocks? Or will them get stuck?
I'm not sure what you mean by river rock. If you mean the larger aquarium gravel rocks, that should be ok, you don't want small gravel because they might accidentally eat it. You also want to make sure that any rock decorations or structures can't collapse on them. They are not very strong so they can't really push larger pieces of gravel around and get stuck.
I heard no large rocks or stones because these things are the size of crickets and can easily get trapped or stuck under the stones. I read sand or gravel is better from visiting a few dwarf frog care pages.
ADF Feeding

Ok so I know that they are eazy to train on where at you feed them in your tank but I have two in my 36g with a few types of tetras so I asking would it be ok to have a small glass dish for their food to go in ? My tank is planted and I have some sprite right where they hide and I dont wont the pellets to get caught in it and make it look bad. So is their another way of feeding them then just putting the food on the gravel and have it possibly stop them up and kill them?
A clean glass dish is fine. It's better than putting it in the gravel, which they might eat with the food on accident.
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