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After effects of ammonia poisoning

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My new betta recently experienced what I believe to be some ammonia poisoning. I removed him for his tank and placed him in a better established tank. He seems to be getting better, he is swimming around and feeding but I'm worried about any long term effects this experience could have on him. Does any one have experience with this? Also, is there any way to speed up the healing process? His fins are still really clamped and his color is bad. Thanks
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How bad was the poisoning?

For less severe cases, the best way to treat ammonia poisoning is with lots of clean, warm water and good nutrition.

Keep the water in the 79-81F range, so that his metabolism and immune system can function well. Do frequent water changes to remove any newly produced ammonia, toxins or bacteria. This will lessen the chance of a secondary infection setting in. And feed him quality foods so that his immune system can remain healthy and his body can repair itself.

Then, just monitor him. If his condition doesn't improve in 2 or 3 days, or if it gets worse at any time, let us know. But, for the most part, clean and warm water and good nutrition will allow his body to start healing on its own.
There is a way to speed up the recovery process from ammonia poisoning. LittleBlueFishlets is correct about chance of secondary infections. They like to attack when the fish immune system is compromised. I suggest getting a product called methlylene blue. It will rapidly allow the oxygen to start getting back into his bloodstream. Methylene Blue is used for treatment of ammonia and nitrite poisoning, as well as an anti-fungal, anti-parasitic. Best used in a container of fishs own water outside of the aquarium via dip method 20-30 minutes at 2-3 drops per gallon. Throw the used blue water out and Mr Fish goes back into his aquarium. Its hard on live plants and beneficial bacteria which is why dip is preferred. Its really hard on the bad bacteria too and that is what makes it effective.

Nitrite poisoning - Fish gasp for breath, tan or brown gills, rapid gill movement known as "gilling" Fish will hang at top of water usually. Ammonia poisoning - Gasp for breath, red or purple gills, lethargic - may lay on the bottom, red streaks on body or fins. Also treats Ich, Velvet, SBD, Fungus on eggs, or used prophylactically for treatment of fish under stress due to being moved or shipped. This is a good general safe thing to have at the ready when keeping betta fish.
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LogisticsGuy gives excellent advice. :)

P.S. Methylene blue stains. It will turn the silicone in your tank blue, and it will turn your fingers blue too. It won't harm you, but it will stain your skin if you get it on you.

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Thank you littleBlueFishlets! I forgot to mention the staining thing be careful it is unreal.
Hi CollegeBetta, it took two or three days for the gill inflamation and dark lesions that were developing on my Betta to go away once we got the Ammonia under control. I followed a lot of really bad advice before joining this site. Good luck with your fish, hope he recovers quickly.
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