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Has anybody tried those little magnetic algae cleaners? It sounds like a pretty good idea and it seems like it should work, but I'd like to hear about them before I buy one. I used to use a razor on my old acrylic tank. It worked pretty well but you have to have your hand in the tank, it gets the water messy and it scratches the sides (at least if it is acrylic.)

Of course, I'm sure a wash cloth would work too, as long as it was a designated aquarium wash cloth.

But still, the magnetic thing sounds way more convinient.

Also, they always say never to put your aquarium in the sunlight. Is this ONLY because it promotes algae growth (and risk overheating it, I guess) or does the sunlight damage the fish. I know that when I'm around water, it totally amplifies the sun and I get burned way more, so I wouln't be surprised.

I have my fish tank in an area that is exposed to sun right now.

Either way, I'm not too concerned abuot it. I don't think it is sunny enough to hurt the fish, it will probably help my plants, and at the moment at least, I have plenty of time to do a few extra cleanings every month for algae.
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