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Alien Betta Housing Opinions?

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Hoping to get some insight and opinions from others who have owned Alien bettas, specifically alien Betta pairs. I'm not looking for speculations, but from people who've actually owned aliens. Yes, I know there are people who do not consider them to be 'wilds'.

My LFS finally got a single alien Betta pair in and after weeks of watching them wait at the store (due to their ridiculous price), I was able to strike a deal too good to be true and got them. They were housed together at the store, and for a few days, housed together in their temporary holding tank prior to me getting paranoid and placing a glass separator (they can still see one another, but not have access to each other). The female hangs out mostly by the glass divider, I'm unsure if she misses the male? And he has made the largest bubble nest on his side, showing off for her when he sees her, but both still do their own thing as well. I am currently waiting for the final days of their tank (at the time planned together tank) being ready, but have the ability to insert a divider if needed.

I guess my question is, how much success do people have housing their alien pairs together? I've read conflicting information, from do it with 2 females, to don't to it, to 1 female is good. It seems like it can be like a sorority... It works until it doesn't? I want my pair to be happy and would be fine if they did spawn (aliens are non-existent where I'm from so people really like them), but know information available for these guys can be few. Any insight on how people house their pairs (or don't) is appreciated! TIA!
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I have no idea, I’ve never had an alien, but I’m interested to see what actual alien betta owners would advise.
Alien Betta is a hybrid betta, still more toward wild betta and very aggressive. I don't house them together male and female.
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