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All settled in. Need a name now!

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I haven't decided what to call him yet, but he's going to be living in a 1 gal tank, heated, with a few live plants and a betta log until I rehome Brutus with my coworker. Then, he'll move to that 2 gal tank. :)

Here are some good pics! I wasn't 100% sure what his color would be as the water in the betta cups was so blue (I think there had been too much of whatever chemical they use added, as all the bettas were showing stress stripes from it), but I think he is a copper after all like I was assuming. Right now he's kind of pale from stress, and has some stress stripes showing. You can see his horizontal stripes in the pics in the new tank.

Initial pictures:

Had him floating in the dwarf puffer tank at my boyfriends to keep his water at a stable temperature until I got him. He and the puffers were quite curious about each other lol.

After pictures

I have a few more I'll post here in a bit. Photobucket it taking forever!

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ran out of editing's a few more

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iunno i'd name my copper boy that lol
The first name I thought of was Magneto. He's so metallic looking with red on the ends, like a magnet!
More pics!

New boy decided to have a flaring contest at his reflection a few moments ago...I took some pics! hehe

You can see in some of the pics how he is just about at 180* with his tail spread, I believe anyways!:roll: (Maybe it's wishful thinking? hehe)

Right now he is snuggling in the floating plant mass (anubias, java fern all floating in a group).

Sorry for the poor lighting...the light on his tank hood is not good at all, and because I have him hidden in a corner of my desk, the photos come out more red than they should due to lighting.:|

(Look at his sweet little face!)

More to come shortly
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He's a beauty! He could be a long-lost brother of my old copper! :)
Thanks, guys! :)

Still trying to come up with a name for him.:)

I came home to find a small bubble nest tonight!

Also, here's 2 pics of him from this morning! This is more of his true colors :)

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I still like Magneto ;-)
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