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Allow me to introduce my newbie self

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Greetings my soon to be betta family and mentors. I have contracted MTS due to these beautiful lil guys. They are astounding and each have a wonderfully unique personality. Im currently updating their homes and being the concerned mommy that I am, would love advice from such a wonderful forum. I can't wait to hear the differences about so many things to make my boys' environment the best I can provide for them. I Thank You in advance betta buddies.:)
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Welcome, this is a great place to learn. It's one of the friendliest forums I have ever had the privilege of being a member of. There are many members with decades of experience, and even some newbies who have taken the time to became extremely educated on all things aquatic.
Welcome to the forum! Like NeptunesMom said there are many people on here who will be willing to help you, new and old. We'll all be willing to help should you ask! Be sure to post pictures of your little guys as we all enjoy seeing pictures!
Thank you so much! Im upgrading my boys to better homes right now. I cant wait to show you guys.
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