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So my crowntail male (Calypso) has begun building a bubble nest underneath a piece of bubble wrap I have placed in the tank as the nest anchor. He flares when he sees the female and seems to be impressively more active than when I bought him at the pet store. (Please don't despise me because I bought my bettas at the pet store.) The female, on the other hand is showing no signs. Her stripes are still horizontal and she just stares at calypso when he flares.
I have only conditioned them for 3 days so I'm hoping within 2 weeks they both will be ready to breed. (I know that 2 weeks is the maximum period of time for conditioning)
I am feeding the pair freeze-dried blood worms and pellets 2-3 times a day as a varied diet.
I am also quite prepared to look after and care for 50 to 100+ fry and even sell them to friends in my area.

If there are any tips or anything that would improve the procedure, they are greatly appreciated. Thank you
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