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So I just noticed that Blur's anal fins have these weird brown-red/rust colored stripes. They only occur on his anal fin and his ventrals a little bit, not anywhere else. I never noticed them before and they weren't there a few weeks ago when I last took photos of him. Should I be concerned? Anyone know what these are?!

He's in a 3 gallon glass bowl with covering (yes it has a small gap for airflow)
Glass stone bedding
Silk plant
Teracotta pot for fun.
Heated to 80F
50% water changes every 3 days 100% weekly
No ammonia/nitrates test kit.
No other fish in bowl.
Eats 3 omega one betta pellets in the morning, 1 at night.
No swimming issues or odd behavior what so ever.



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That's normal, looks like he's just showing you his true colors after settling in more. They can expand their color range as they age as well. So as he ages he could gain more red in his fins but it's not going to be drastic, just little changes over the years. They are technically always changing and growing, I believe their fins never actually stop growing until they die, that can be an issue on long finned males lol.
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