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Went to my LFS 2 days ago and saw this cutie and had to have him. had no idea where i was going to put him at the time. But ive never seen my LFS carry a white betta before, hes kinda pinkish on the body and has some light blue on fins. Im thinking he may change colour. i guess hes a cellophane betta. Sorry for the crappy pics they were done with my blackberry. Oh and hes in a 5 gallon tank all by him self like my other betta.
His name is Snowy Bel Air. lol dont ask my other is Frank Cadillac so i wanted to stick with the weird car references. I actually stole frank cadillac name from a movie.

This one is with flash

Dark photo

His tank. he has the floating log which i have anchored cause it was moving around. Probably will add an anubia. All my other tanks have some.

I have the aquarclear 20 on lowest flow. I find that works well. Added filter floss from my other betta's tank to this one to jump start cycle. But I also added cycle to the water aswell.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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