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any guesses to what type?

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hi, i got this baby fish for free. the person that gave it to me got it free from a school teacher so i suspect its from a local breeder cause she was giving away a bunch of them. im in hawaii. i could not get any info on its history or type. anyone got any idea on what sex this is or what type of finnage or anything. its body is about 3/4 in long not including fin. i cant see an egg thing. underneath. its still growing though ty
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I think this a girl. I'm no expert though.
My guess is halfmoon possibly male. Might need to wait a bit to find out since he/she's so young.
thanks for your guesses. im excited to see what this will be when its older. =)
Definitely seems like a girly, not a VT either...I guess HM? DT maybe?
Definitely no Pro. I'm just going to guess that it's something of the halfmoon variety.
a delta or HM male to me :\
Male delta/half-moon plakat. At least the dorsal leads me to believe it's plakat.
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Young VT male.

He only has two rays so eventually his fins will drop like a veil.
i didn't even bother talking about rays, heh heh
It's kind of important when it comes to tail types lol.
thanks for all your guesses and opinions. its actually my gf's sons fish but we all take care of him. he named him ollie. olivia or oliver as the case may be. its a very healthy, spunky fish. Ill post a pic in about a month.
looks like Mr. V was right. looks like a VT. :)
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Yes definitely a VT.

He looks very nice!
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