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Any Ideas

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I just got a filtered and heated 10 gallon for my crowntail and his tank looks kinda empty. I am thinking of adding about 3 tetras, either neon or cardinal. Debating of adding a snail or an oto or two. So far all I need are alot more gravel and two plants, which I am getting tonight. Also, I might split the tank and put my other betta on the other half, I just have to order a screen for that becuase Petco doesn't have one. AND, I got a fifty watt heater for only 5 DOLLARS!! I think it was missing packaging or it was marked wrong becuase it works great! Is fift watts to much for a ten gallon?
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50 watts is PERFECT for a 10 gallon! :) I think dividing it would be a good idea, but it's up to you! Try maybe getting a decoration like a house or a "No Fishing" sign... He looks very cool! :) Hope I helped.
Thanks! I really want to divide it but I can't find a screed at petco. I am thinking maybe a few tetras just to start off, he isn't an aggressive fish so I think it will work out. :)
Your betta is Gorgeous. :) I think your best bet would be to divide your 10 gallon up and bring another beauty home!! Community tanks can be tricky at times. I wouldn't try starting one unless you have a backup tank for the betta or tetras in case they don't get along! Also make sure you have tons of hiding places! That helps keep peace in a community tank very well!
Also tetras need to be in groups of at least 6, preferably larger. I don't think they make great tank mates for a betta.

If you want tank mates, I suggest female guppies. They tend not to be nippy, and still have pretty colours to them that can compliment a betta quite nicely (and you can have only 3 if you'd like!)
Thanks for all of the advice! I do think I will divide it, if I do I won't add any guppies because they won't have enough space, I will wait awhile before I divide it though :)
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