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Hi guys, i haven't been on the site in a while just because life has been hectic. So because of that, I'm getting rid of some "gently used" fish tanks.

They're both 10g glass aqueon tanks. Um they come with gravel? i mean its simple fish tank gravel. Also in tank filters and any decor i can find.

Also i have 3, 1 gallon kritter keepers if anyone wants them, they're a bit scratched up. Those i could probably ship because they're light, but ill send them by simple mail.

But the glass tanks- um pick up is preferable. I live in the baltimore county area of maryland so i can drive to like a public place and hand them off :)

everything is in great condition! Please respond because i'd like to get rid of them, my room is majorly cluttered due to

Um email me if you have any questions or want photos. [email protected], i check my email all the time so feel free!
Can you take a picture of it?

I might be willing to make the 40 minute drive next weekend if you still have it and is in good shape. let me know.

I would suggest posting this on craigslist too. That is how I found two of my tanks :)
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