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Anyone recognize this?

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I think it is shrimp eggs... but I'm not entirely sure.

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If you would please tell me a few things about your Ramhorn snails. I just spotted one in my aquarium. I have dozen nitrite snails that have been in there for about 6 months. I have not added anything to the aquarium since then either. Where did this one come from?
I have only found one so far. It is a bit different from the nitrite snails, shell form, and a lot faster moving, lol , for a snail, well than the nitrites, they are pretty slow movers.
Will the ramshorn eat my plants?
Where did it come from, I'm stumped? I have not added any plants or fish in 6 months. Feed frozen, and flake foods.
In the water change? I do WC twice a week, 50-50 RO & Tap, 75 gallons in a 125 gal aquarium.
It is definitely a ramshorn snail.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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