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hey folks... i know there are some serious breeders here and this is a question if haven't really found much of an answer to.
i've been maintaining sw plankton cultures and have recently focused on fw copepods. i've discovered that cyclopoidal copepods are far easier and faster than their sw counterparts.
i've been feeding my latest batch of betta fry 50/50 combination of copepods and artemia. i've noticed that my betta fry seem to be far more reactive to the copepods than to the brine shrimp. the pod nauplii are smaller than the artemia nauplii and the feeding response is greater with them.
i gut load them with live phytoplankton, freshwater nannochloropsis, and another species that is local to my area that i can't identify. they also eat paramecium and other protists.
i've been curious as to nutrient load and how it might affect inbred strains. i think copepods might be a secret weapon to help fight some of those problems i've experienced at week five and six. (what i can only call ' betta scoliosis') it's happened with two different females with the same male.
i realize that genetics has the most to do with it, but i really feel that this diet might be better.
i plan on raising my next breed on 100% copepods , or until i run out of culture.!
any thoughts about this?
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