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I have been following this group on facebook since the Japan Quake Last April. Since we are all animal lovers here, I figured I would post this along to all of you.

Out of all of the pictures I have seen of the distruction from this earthquake, the one picture I remember the clearest was of a 10 gallon fish tank that was on its side, that had sand spilling out of it, onto what I think was the middle of a road, surrounded by debris from what I think was the tsunami. :cry:

From Japan earthquake and animal rescue:
Dear Friends around the world,

April 22 in 2011 became a sad day no animal lovers can forget.

After the great earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, the nuclear power plant in Fukushima exploded, contaminating the surrounding area and forcing the residents to evacuate immediately.

When the people evacuated in a hurry, they were not allowed to take their pets in the officially provided buses. Of course, there was no way for the farmers to save cows, pigs, hens, ostriches etc. But the refugees first thought they would be able to go back soon.

Unfortunately, however, they were not.

On April 22, a sudden official announcement stated that the area within a 20km radius from the plant shall be completely blocked. At first, even the original residents were not able to get permission to enter there, needless to say, nor animal rescue volunteers.

Pets and livestock depend on people who feed them. While people were not able to enter the no-go zone, countless pets and livestock lost their lives in miserable situation. This tragedy is not past but still present.

On April 22 in 2012, the first anniversary of the area blockage, or the day “the national government gave up on animals,” we will hold the memorial services in Fukushima and Tokyo. We pray for the lost lives and pledge to keep on helping the animals that are still struggling to live. We also invite people in Japan and around the world to share a moment of silence at 2:46pm for the animals.

Dear friends from around the world, who respect animals’ lives, regardless of your race, nationality or religion, let’s share the action on April 22 - 2:46PM
Please join us for a moment of silence and prayer.

4.22 警戒区域内どうぶつ慰霊祭



● 福島県・南相馬市「岩屋寺」と、東京・上野公園「野外ステージ」にて慰霊祭を行います。哀悼を捧げる方々のご参列をお待ち申し上げております。
● 当日、各地で慰霊行事を行ってくださる団体・個人を募ります。実行委員会までお問い合わせください。
● 14時46分に一分間のいっせい黙祷を捧げます。ご参列できない方々も、ともに哀悼を捧げましょう。

主催 「 警戒区域内どうぶつ慰霊祭 」 実行委員会
メール:[email protected]( 代 表 さ さ き )
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