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Are frozen mysis shrimp enough for a betta

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I have a blind betta. I have to "hand" feed him with tweezers with food that is long enough that he can feel it and grab it. It's a bear to feed him frozen (defrosted of course) mysis shrimp but I read that's probably the best for the situation. When I'm going to be gone for extended periods of time (4-7 days... only for health reasons) I will give him maybe the equivalent of two bloodworms. Someone told me they have more calories and will keep him going longer. (I do the same for my other betta too. Otherwise he gets a good quality pellet).

Is he getting enough nutrition with primarily mysis shrimp to thrive? Whatever I feed him needs to be long enough that he can feel and grab it. I'll get other frozen foods if you think he's missing things he needs (and it's long enough he can find it. It's awful trying to find long enough shrimp for him. And constantly pinching tweezers is hard on arthritic hands. As is he misses those half the time and I have to suck them up with a turkey baster and try again and again...)

For that matter, how many mysis shrimp (maybe 5 mm long?) should he be getting daily? I kinda go until I can't find anymore that work or my hand hurts. I'm trying to do right by him. Other than being blind he's healthy. Thanks for the help!
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