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Are milkweed bugs safe for bettas to eat?

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The bugs are in the backyard, no pesticides. Any answers
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answer me
No idea. But, I wouldn't risk it since you never know what they've been exposed to.
Just a tip - sometimes it may take a couple hours (or days) for someone to respond to a post.
Just feed your betta a good quality pellet food and leave it at that.
I assume you are talking about the large milkweed bug?
(there are a few other "milkweed bug" subspecies, such as the "false milkweed bug")

I would assume it is NOT safe to feed your fish - as the milkweed plant is poisonous and the milkweed bug will eat the seeds of the milkweed plant.
(The milkweed plant is what the monarch caterpillar eats and grows up on; it does that specifically because it makes itself poisonous/distasteful to predators that would want to eat it.)
It could be assumed that the milkweed bug does the same.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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