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Are there any leaves that are bad?

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I don't currently have access to almond leaves, so I tossed a few sterilized leaves I have left over from insect keeping on to the top of the water. Both of my bettas seem to like them, and the male promptly used them as an anchor for a bubble nest.
I am assuming they are safe as more than a day has passed with no negative effects, but thought I would check. (And if they were harmful in some way they wouldn't be sold for use with living creatures.)
It would be my luck though to have them be the one kind of leaf that is dangerous to bettas... So is there any type of leaf that is flat out bad for them?
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many different plants have different properties and release things into the water as they decompose. for example, you wouldnt use tea leaves as they have caffeine ( few other plants do too) I recently tried gingseng, which turned out to be a nono. therefore I wouldnt recommend using leaves you dont know about. however IAL rooibos and oak has proven to be safe :)
They are a type of birch leaf, and are sterilized, packaged, and sold for use with small animals and insects. One of the suggested uses is in water for frogs and turtles, so I don't think they are going to be overly harmful - which is what made me put a few in the aquarium to begin with.

I looked around online and couldn't find anything in particular about birch leaves and bettas... Only almond and oak.
ok :) keep an eye out for changes in the bettas behaviour though, and remove the leaf when it starts getting slimey :D I wish you all the best!
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