Hi all! I have some fish, inverts and plants that I would need to get rid of by FEB 22 because of a long vacation. Shipping depends on where you live.
NOTE: I live in the US lol

Assorted plants:

-Java moss, quarter sized portion, 4.00$ each. Only 1 available.
-Java fern
1. 4 inch: 1 available 4.00$
2. 3 inch: 2 available 3.00$
3. 2 inch: 1 available 2.00$

Note: My tanks do have pest snails and algae. I will do my best to remove them.

Assorted fish:

-Rosy red minnows, 4.00 each. Limited available.
-Common Goldfish, 4.00 each, beautiful colors! Limited available.

Note: I will not ship fish in winter. I will ship them when It gets warm out.


-Tons of fake plastic plants. PM for pics and price