Hi all! I have some fish, inverts and plants that I sadly need to sell because I need to downsize my tanks. Shipping depends on where you live.

Assorted plants:

-A bit of pogostemon stellatus octopus, a couple stems of guppy grass, and a tiger lotus bulb. 10$

Note: My tanks do have pest snails and algae. I will do my best to remove them.

Assorted fish:

-Mustard gas halfmoon female betta. 10$


-Tons of fake plastic plants. .50 for small ones, 1.50 for medium ones, and 3.00 for XL ones.
-Pack of none-natural aquarium decor. 20$
-Pack of natural aquarium decor. 25$


-Unopened Omega one tropical fish flakes. 7$
-Unopened Seachem flourish liquid fertilizer. 7$
-Opened (Unused) Omega One freeze-dried bloodworms betta treat. 5$

For adoption: