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Asymmetrical HMPK qualtity?

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I am not much on the standards of PK let alone HMPK but I do know that he counts as a asymmetrical hmpk but what do you think of his breeding quality I know he has a dished face, his dorsal is set a little to far back and his caudal edges are a little round as well as his ventrals being a little small but I need a more professional opinion. Also I was thinking of crossing him with a hm female to help with my hm as well as maybe keep some of the pk females. I am aware this will make many short tailed hm's some pk and regular hm but thats okay. Also his name is Nanners
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You've pretty much covered it, with the exception of the anal should be a bit more sloped, and the dorsal fin should open more like a fan. One more thing I've noticed is the steep dip between the back of the dorsal and the beginning of the caudal. Don't know if its the angle of the picture, or if he has some swayback.

Nanners is an adorable name. :D
Alright thank you hmpk still are new to me :) And he might actually be swayback... do you know if its a serious deformity or if it can be bred out? I have never really heard of it..
Just like other spinal bends like spoon nose, it can usually be bred out with the right female. You want to find a girl with a broad dorsal, a nice caudal to dorsal/dorsal to mouth toplines, and very straight edges with good branching. His ventrals look great, according to IBC standards the ventrals should be as long or longer than the tip of the anal, and have the shape of a knife blade.
I'm not too sure - pictures not that clear. Is he 2 rayed? If so IBC would classify him in the Traditional PK - asymmetrical, round caudal, dip between dorsal and caudal is tolerated.

To my knowledge you can breed him either way - traditional or asymmetrical show. I agree with KJ on the female he needs to breed with.
He's beautiful! Do you have a female for him yet?
Indjo- He looks 2 rayed but it looks like it might be 4 on a couple places maybe but he wont stop spazzing for me to look harder. And thank you thats good to know :)

dramaqueen- I was thinking of breeding him to my yellow salamander HM girl she was just breed 3 weeks ago and did great.
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I love the front ray of her dorsal - long and straight. And she has at least 4 rays and better edges - she would definitely compliment the male.

You can safely work towards asymmetrical show with further selective breeding.

Good luck. Oh keep us posted..... with pictures. :)
Nomnomnomnom SHE is GORGEOUS. May have to borrow her. :D
Thank you guys and yeah she is by far one of the best looking females I have ever owned and I will make a log for them soon I have to finish my breeding in the next few weeks so that they fry can be moved safely when I move houses.
Nomnomnomnom SHE is GORGEOUS. May have to borrow her. :D
Am with KJ XD lol! she is gorgeous

she looks like she will help he caudal problems, sharpen the caudal, and can someone explain to me about spoon thing please?? am confused XP
I am super excited to see how her first spawn is going to end up :) and its also spoonhead I believe its when their face dips down google spoonhead and betta and it should give some good images
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