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Axeria's Aquatic Adventure

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I got my Aquarium today so I thought to make this journal so you can follow me on my Aquatic Adventure ;) And ofc as a reference for myself as I am terrible at remembering stuff. So keeping a journal with water perimiters and such will help me maintain a stable and healthy aquarium in the end :)

Today we are doing a water test on the aquarium, making sure that it holds water after being shipped in the post. I have it temporarily set up in the kitchen without any of the equipment installed. I want to read all the instructions and make sure it holds the water before setting it up in the living room and adding light, filter and heater :)

Some specs:

  • The aquarium is called a Cocoon6 by Aquatic Nature. 30L or 8US Gallons
  • The filter is a Flow200 biological HOB also by Aquatic Nature
  • The light is a Solar Duo Boy at 6500K with a moonlight function again by Aquatic Nature
  • The heater is a Jäger 50W from Eheim.


Filter: I notice some sort of carbon replacable filter media in the filter chamber, this I will save for a rainy day. I have figured that much from reading online that a carbon filter only is necessary if you have been using meds and the like to clean the water from chemicals and that it is disposable as it will start to leak the chems absorbed back into the water after a time.

Light: I know 6500K is not great, it is however good enough for low light plants as is what I am going to keep. Easy low light plants suit my needs the best.

Heater: While I understand some might think that 50w might be a bit overkill for a 8g (30L) aquarium, it is fully adjustable and suits aquariums ranging from 25-60L, so if I wanted to upgrade in the future, I wont need to buy a new heater. This brand is also considered the best in aquatic products where I live.

The aquarium with filter and light was bought as a kit, but there was not included a heater so I had to buy one separate. Just as wel really as that gave me the perfect excuse to buy one of the best :)

That was all for now, updates will come when I progress setting up my little 8G betta-pad. I hope you will enjoy following me on my wet adventure :)
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Good morning all! I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, been worrying about the tank leaking while I was asleep and afraid to wake up to water all over my hardwood floor :p

I was happy to discover when I rose earlier that it indeed holds water! Been sitting with water in on my kitchen table since yesterday, so I would say that the water test was a sucsess :D

Here ya see the tank, without equipment and lid tho I bet you get the idea ;)
I like the clear silicone where the plates of glass is conected, and that the front and sides are one big sheet of glass bended to form the front corners. It looks really smooth!

Lol please ignore Heike's tail :p


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Lol I just had to snap this pic of our dog Heike while I was eating breakfast (mmm chicken and pasta salad ^_^) I think he wonders why we have a big glass box full of water on our kitchen table :p lol! Or maybe he is looking forward to getting a betta like his mother ;)


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So I am laying on my sofa looking at the empty tank wondering about substrate, I seem to be incapable of making a decission... I dont know why I am having such a hard time choosing... Its... Wierd!

I have several types that I like picked out at several favorite online petshops, all dark, but I can not choose between sand or gravel.... The only black sand I can find is crushed quartz which is quite coarse. I wont be keeping corys (Although I would if I had a bigger tank!) so I am guessing it does not matter for my betta as they dont siw sand or roam around on the bottom with their wiskers in the sand :) So maybe I will go for the black sand...

But then again I do really like the look of the bigger grains in gravel and even riverstones that I have been looking at in several tanks online lately!

Riverstones or pebbles are ofc not very dark, but I do like the natural clean look it gives, so maybe go abit lighter with the substrate after all? But if I go for something lighter I could use a nice natural sand as I think that looks great with plants and makes the tank more light and natural looking. But bettas prefer darker substrates I am told so then I am thinking black sand again....

Gaaah! Why can I not just decide already! >_<
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Subbing! Black sand and River Rock substrate are both really nice :-D
Aww my first subscriber! Thank you! :D

I to like the look of both , so its sooo hard choosing! xD
Maybe compromise? A sand substrate with a rock formation? Something like this..


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Yeah I am planning on using rocks found locally and driftwood for hardscaping :) but that picture gives me tons of ideas and inspiration! Thanks :D
Sure! Heike is so cute!! :-D
Haha thanks! He is such a mamas boy, follows me around all day ^_^ No privacy in this house as he opens doors :p
Test kit!

WhoopWhoooop! My test kit is finaly here :D Time to get the labcoat on and go all mad scientist ;p

... After dinner ofc ;)


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Waiting... And testing

So I have figured that there is a whole lot of waiting in this hobby at the start... Waiting for supplies have taken forever, mostly because I am so indecisive about what to buy and where from and with the rent due I have not had a whole lot of money to splurge on a bunch of stuff at one time so have had to save some and wait... Alot! Which reminds me: I have to get my hands on some sand! And some pretty sand to!

I got a couple of decorations friday, two pink marbles and a silicone coral I have been dying to get. The marbles where cute but my lovely white&light Pink coral is absolutely horrible! I mean it looks awsome but oh the smell!!! It smells like vinegar mixed with plastic.. Blah! I am not pleased! >_<

On a lighter note!
I played with my testkit the day it came and I was suprised about how easy and fun it actually was to test my tap water.

I did not go overboard but I made the these:
KH: 2
PH: 7,4
GH: 2
NH4: <0.05

So that tells me abit about my tap water I guess... Seems it is well suitet a betta if I am to believe Norways Aqauatic forum's fish database

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Coral update:

After a huge bummer with my stinky coral and getting another one yesterday that also smelt bad I had to do something, I put both in really hot water And today when I got up I went to check on them. They both smell still, tho alot less..

I changed the water and went on my mail, cause I had written to the seller the day I got my smelly coral asking about what this crap was and that I was afraid to use it.

My message:

This coral smells really, really bad! I think it wil be toxic for my
fish. Does all smell this bad or just mine? May it be a manufacturing flaw?

Kind regards
I have gotten the answer now and they say:

Dear Axeria Hawke,

Thank you for your email.

The material is Resin, without any impact on fish and water quality .You can put it into water and after some days the smell will disappear. And then put it into your aquarium.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know . We are very glad to help you.

Have a nice day:)

Best regards,
Customer Service Dept.
So from this I gather that they are supposed to smell really bad in the start but then it fades. I dont feel better about using the ornaments. Resin is safe to use I know but the smell makes me worry. wil keep soaking and maybe boiling it to get rid of the smell, I dont want to throw it away without trying.

Its a shame really cause I love the white coral and the purple leafy thing... Adding some pics so you can see, maybe any of you on here have had the same problem? :)


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Hello guys, today I want to show you my Marimo algae balls. No, not moss as many believes, but algae! Cause Marimo balls actually is a uniqe form of algae that collect in balls because of the current. They are becoming more and more popular and have ofc. as you know made it big in the aqatic hobby :) Just a little fact for those that didnt know, for you who did know please just ignore this :p haha!

I curently own three Marimo's. They share a vase with a peace of driftwood, they are all (yes the driftwood to) in quarantine for about a week more before I put them in my tank. They have been in their QT for about three weeks at that point. The plan is to just plop the two smaller ones in and flatten the big one so it can make sort of a bed on the roof of a house I have bought for my betta. I have no name for the small ones but the big one is called
Algeir. lol!

Adding two pics so you can see my Marimos and their friend Mr.driftwood :p

Update on tank and stuff:

so I figured I should write abit about where I am in the process of setting up my tank, I am done with the water test and thats about it...
I have been struggeling alot with choosing sand or gravel and what color, but have finally made a decision: Black sand!

I figure it will be easy to maintain(vacuum) and with a few MTS thrown in I bet I would not even need to poke the sand to get rid of build up gasses ;) It will also look good no watter what I decide to throw in as far as plants and decor goes.

The plan plantwise is to try and keep to an Asian biotope , buy some low maintanance asian plants that require low lighting and some moss and just go with it from there.

Btw: The silicone resin coral and leafy purple thing still smells, might just throw it out, but it seems a waste as I am really in love with the coral and I think because of its shape it must be genious for a betta to rest on. Will try boiling next, or maybe bakingsoda and vinegar?

Have a great day all! :D Sorry for a rather boring update ^_^


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Subbing. :smile:
Yaaay! Thank you! :D
Aww! Thank you :D
Subbing, cause I can't wait to see the tank when it's all set up! Any word on when your boy is coming?
Aww! Thank you :D I will pay for him on monday and bet he wil be shipped shortly after that ;)
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